The Station of the Stars | RadioLuxembourg

Radio Luxembourg’s English-language programming was known as ‘The Station of the Stars‘, a title it truly earned and never really lost during its colourful history when it boasted more stars on its airwaves than any other European radio station. Not only did it broadcast the songs and records by famous popular artists, some even had their own shows or appeared regularly on the station.

Excerpt from the brochure “Radio Luxembourg presents”


FelixKing-HighMendl-FrankLee-DerekFaraday-GracieFields-FreddieGrisewood copy

Gracie Fields in interview with Freddie Grisewood, for broadcast from Radio Luxembourg / RTL Group archives

Here is an overview of singers and actors who formed the Radio Luxembourg constellation:

Vera LYNN; Doris DAY; Carole CARR; Gracie FIELDS; Lita ROZA; Jo STAFFORD; Beryl REID; Bing CROSBY; Frankie VAUGHAN; Lee LAWRENCE; David WHITFIELD; Dickie VALENTINE; Donald PEERS; Winifred ATWELL; Tommy TRINDER; Ronnie ALDRICH; Cliff RICHARD; Billy FURY; The Deep River Boys or The Stargazers.




Overview of singers and actors taken from brochure “Radio Luxembourg presents” (Click here to enlarge)



Cover of “Radio Luxembourg Souvenir album”


Radio Luxembourg played Rock ’n Roll by the likes of Elvis PRESLEY, which had a profound influence on future stars like Keith RICHARDS or John LENNON during their youth and changed their lives. Their bands, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, were first heard on Radio Luxembourg, which in turn helped launch them on the road to international stardom.


Stars of 208 taken from the brochure “Radio Luxembourg / Europe’s greatest commercial radio station – 1965 (left)
and cover of “Radio Luxembourg book of record stars” – 1962